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Initiator: ASTRON Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy

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This project was co-financed by the EU, the European Fund for Regional Development and the Northern Netherlands Provinces (SNN), and EZ/KOMPAS.


The International LOFAR Telescope (ILT)

In December last year, the LOFAR International Working Group (IWG) met at the Sheraton Hotel in Schiphol to hammer out the final form of the governance model that will realise the ILT - the International LOFAR Telescope. Read more

LOFAR covered by snow

A layer of approximately 25 cm snow covers the LOFAR landscape. Read more

First light for the international station in Potsdam

On December 10, 2009, the remote LOFAR station in Potsdam-Bornim (Germany) has seen first light. Read more

International LOFAR station Tautenburg complete

On Wednesday, 21 October 2009, around noon the last one of 96 HBA tiles was installed at the LOFAR station Tautenburg. This completed the second full international station and the first one with a regular HBA pattern. Read more

LOFAR observes across borders

An international group of astronomers have succeeded in the first joint observations between the LOFAR stations in Exloo (The Netherlands) and Effelsberg (Germany). Read more

Seismic Interferometry works!

As part of the geophysics application of the LOFAR project a three-dimensional seismic array consisting of 126 sensors has been constructed over the Annerveen gas-field. Read more

ASTRON legt nieuw natuurgebied aan in Drenthe

Dat sterrenkundig onderzoek verrassende resultaten op kan leveren, is bekend. Maar dat sterrenkunde ook kan zorgen voor een geheel nieuw natuurgebied, is nieuw. Read more

Completion of the First International LOFAR station

The 96th and final LOFAR high band (HBA) tile was installed at the Effelsberg, Germany LOFAR field on the morning of 2009 July 17, resulting in the first full international LOFAR station. Read more

LOFAR first images with the first three full stations

The first full LOFAR stations became operational last week. Here are the images corresponding to the first fringes seen from those stations. Read more

LOFAR's first fringes

During the night of July 8/9, LOFAR experienced its "First Fringe" moment: the first detection of correlated signals between different LOFAR stations from the radio sky! Read more
ASTRON initiated LOFAR as a new and innovative effort to force a breakthrough in sensitivity for astronomical observations at radio-frequencies below 250 MHz. 
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