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Initiator: ASTRON Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy

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This project was co-financed by the EU, the European Fund for Regional Development and the Northern Netherlands Provinces (SNN), and EZ/KOMPAS.

LOFAR numbers


Number of sensors on the various fields:

Core station fields

96 Low Band Antennas

2 x 24 High Band Antenna Tiles (HBA field is split)


18 Remote station fields

96 Low Band Antennas

48 High Band Antenna Tiles

Microbaromater (infrasound)

10 Geo-Remote station fields



 8 International station fields

96 Low Band Antennas

96High Band Antenna Tiles


Numbers for the LOFAR telescope performance

 Frequency range

30 - 80 MHz

120 - 240 MHz

 Polarisations 2
 Bandwidth 32 MHz (currently 48 MHz investigated)
 Spectral channels

18 core

18 remote

8 international


Baseline length
100 m to 1500 km
Simultaneous digital beams  8
Sample bit depth

Spectral resolution

0.76 kHz

More technical information can be found here

ASTRON initiated LOFAR as a new and innovative effort to force a breakthrough in sensitivity for astronomical observations at radio-frequencies below 250 MHz. 
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