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Initiator: ASTRON Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy

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This project was co-financed by the EU, the European Fund for Regional Development and the Northern Netherlands Provinces (SNN), and EZ/KOMPAS.



The LOFAR Transients KSP has a three tiers of involvement.

The three PIs of the project form the uppermost tier:

Rob Fender (Universites of Southampton and Amsterdam) r.fender at
Ben Stappers (University of Manchester) ben.stappers at
Ralph Wijers (University of Amsterdam) r.a.m.j.wijers at

The middle tier of the project comprises the council of the KSP, comprising the PIs, the leaders of the working groups plus some other representatives. The third tier comprises associate members who will generally be directly associated with someone in the first two tiers, and who are performing some specific role. The overall structure is summarized in the figure below:

ASTRON initiated LOFAR as a new and innovative effort to force a breakthrough in sensitivity for astronomical observations at radio-frequencies below 250 MHz. 
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